Monday, August 27, 2012

Why your students should follow @TeenDollars

TeenDollars is my student designed and managed website dedicated to sharing financial literacy information useful to students and teachers. Many high school students face similar financial decisions and responsibilities as adults. Some of these decisions carry with them lifelong consequences or rewards. Decisions such as a student debt choice, purchasing a car, or preparing to live on their own for the first time.

Our Twitter account is dedicated to sharing links and tips to help current students make wise and informed financial choices they are facing today.

Have your students click here to follow TeenDollars on Twitter.

The TeenDollars student page is full of information to help guide a student's college debt choice, as well as fun and engaging financial literacy games. There are also links to helpful tools and resources for teachers on this page.

TeenDollars is possible in large part thanks to the generous sponsorship of MoneyTrail and Raising CEO Kids. Both organizations are a great fit as a sponsor, as they provide helpful services suited for parents who want to raise financially literate children.

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