Monday, August 20, 2012

Cruel & Unusual Rules

We found out today that our graduation rate dropped from 96% to 80%. So what happened?

I still cannot believe this myself...

Our special needs students have the opportunity to further their education in a vocational program following high school. Because of their unique disabilities, the program is funded as long as the school district defers graduation. They each get a diploma, and have for all intents and purposes - - graduated. Our district does the right thing and works to make sure the kids who qualify for the program are awarded the opportunity to participate.

According to this law passed by the US Department of Education, as of this year those students now count against our graduation rate.

As it relates to us, this was a 7% 'knock' on our graduation rate.

So what about the other 9%?

When students transfer from our school to another we have to process paperwork. Our staff follows up by sending the appropriate paperwork and student records. However, if the student does not show to the school they transferred to, ODE counts it against our graduation rate even though they withdrew from our school to attend a different school.

I'm curious if the news media will report our new graduation rate - - or the truth behind it.

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