Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seeking Input: Draft Decision Making Grid

I created in this hyperlinked GoogleDoc a draft decision making matrix for my high school students. My aim is to provide them with strategies suitable for their own challenges and strengths to make it easier to put to practice the concepts they're learning in class.

I created three columns:
  • "I have a tough time with..." This column is full of common challenges teenagers face making everyday financial decisions. 
  • "Im good with / enjoy..." This column is full of three types of comfort points: technology/mobile phones; using paper and pencil to stay organized; encouragement from peers. 
  • "How to manage your money..." This column provides suggested strategies specific to the common challenges and identified comfort points.
Students select the collective trio of columns suitable for their challenges and strengths to put to action what they're learning in class. 

I haven't integrated this into a lesson with my students yet -- it's a work in progress. Feedback is welcome!

Thanks to Bill Dwight [FamZoo] for already providing great feedback!