Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A "Review" lesson for every teacher

Here is the lesson I used to review for a test today. I felt like the lesson went really well. (By the way, the test was over credit and content from previous units but I did not incorporate the content because I wanted this template to be applicable to everyone)

I began with a 20 question matching quiz over the vocabulary. I used Quizlet to design the quiz. Students who earned perfect scores were rewarded with candy. Some important notes about Quizlet and why it made the lesson go smoother:
  • It allowed for auto-grading and instant feedback.
  • I was able to use Remind101 and our classroom Twitter account to send the virtual flashcards out to the students so they could study on their own time. 
    • The program has numerous games and assessment options the students can use to study with the virtual flashcards I made for them.
I transitioned into an ungraded formative assessment. I passed out a paper and asked the following types of open-ended questions:
  • Students were to IDENTIFY certain concepts and EXPLAIN how they are incorporated.
  • Students were to ANALYZE a concept and LIST the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Students were to EXPLAIN a concept.
  • Students were to take a position on a certain topic and JUSTIFY their position.
After they were done they exchanged papers and they did a peer review. They were allowed to use their notes to analyze each other's work.

To conclude the lesson I managed a classroom discussion over the answers to each of the questions.

I hope this helps. If you use this template in your classroom and it goes well please let me know!

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