Saturday, December 29, 2012

25 leaders for you to follow and me to thank

Thank you to everyone I follow on Twitter. I am on Twitter to get better and share. I have only been teaching for just under a decade, so I know I have a lot to learn. This is my first full year on Twitter, and I feel like I have learned more this year than any prior year. Twitter really is an incredible professional development tool, especially for teacher's always on the move.

So thank you to everyone I follow, and a special thank you to these 25 people. Many of you have helped me beyond twitter, you know who you are. I could write a full blog post about each of you, but I would prefer share this list with the world so others will follow you and can benefit just as I have.

@Edutopia - Quality reporting of cutting edge education resources and techniques.
@cybraryman1 - Clearly the go-to internet resource for teachers, students, and parents.
@tomwhitby - The man. Period. #EdChat.
@teacherken - I will always be thankful for the time you took to help me with my AP course.
@HCESCgifted - My go-to gifted education resource.
@Larryferlazzo - You may have the best education blog in the country.
@newtechnetwork - You are a connector, a go-to resource, and a great #PBLChat leader.
@stumpteacher - He doesn't believe in homework. That's just awesome no matter who you are.
@buddyxo - Flips, connects, and shares. I've only flipped a couple times, but I learned from the best!
@OHEducation - Effectively guiding Ohio teachers through the tough transition into new policies. 

Education Technology
@coolcatteacher - You are a technology magician with a heart of gold. It was honor to work with you.
@rmbyrne - You are the master of google apps.
@Edudemic - Every time you tweet, I know it's going to be some kind of incredible technology tool.
@remind101 - I had to bring you up because your service just rocks.
@Getting_Smart - I can always count on you to give me ideas of how to integrate technology.

Financial & Economic Literacy
@NatlJumpStart - THE connector for financial literacy organizations and resources.
@dankadlec - The best financial literacy writer in the country - period.
@NEFE_ORG - Providing links to every financial literacy resource you need, and it is all free.
@council4econed - Tweeting about every aspect of financial and economic literacy, and it's great stuff.
@PracticalMoney - They have it all covered, but their games have to be my favorite.
@AmericaSaves - Tweeting about research based saving techniques that every kid should learn.
@Bankrate - A financial calculator for everything - they have personal finance covered from all angles.
@Stlouisfed - I am still amazed at the quality of their education resources and their tweets.
@CreditExperts - These guys are educators at heart, and their tweets are useful in the classroom.
@Experian_US - Rod Griffin and Maxine Sweet share incredible credit education information.

P.S. A special thank you to Michael Roush of the National Disability Institute @RealEconImpact and Chris Shannon. We have been working very hard on the personal finance coursework for special education students to fulfill this grant, and in the process I have gained a wealth of knowledge.

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