Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#StudentsSave - A student Twitter chat to help create the habit of saving

This is America Saves Week, an opportunity to promote good savings behavior. Savings protects us from using high interest credit when we face emergencies. Setting a goal to save and spend money on experiences and things we value allow us to enjoy life without experiencing the consequences of paying for it later.

Friday's Twitter chat is an opportunity for students to learn and share resources to help them develop the habit of saving. Many of our students have jobs or an allowance; have financial responsibilities such as a cell phone payment; they are deciding what car to buy; and are looking forward to prom. Most importantly, many of our students can open a savings account at a local bank or credit union and start the habit of saving today.

Now is the time to begin to teach the habit of saving, and what better way then through a day long Twitter chat?

Have your students follow #StudentsSave throughout the day on Friday, 2/28/14. Have them share savings resources and tips they've learned in class or on Twitter. The chat is open-ended from 8-5 EST, giving you and your students the flexibility to participate.

For savings ideas, visit America Saves.

Many thanks to the following organizations and leaders for participating:

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