Sunday, March 17, 2013

My 30 favorite financial education games

Andrew Miller and I worked together on the recent post for Edutopia "Games to Teach Financial Literacy".

The purpose of the post was to highlight 3 prized of my 30 favorite game and scenario based learning programs. These games were hyperlinked at the conclusion of the Edutopia post.

Click here to explore the different games and simulations.

There are four primary reasons I believe games and simulations are effective learning strategies to integrate into each unit of instruction.
  • Makes financial education engaging, fun, and interactive.*
  • Links education more directly to action-taking by embedding offers and opportunities for real-world actions in games.* 
  • Serves as ideal activities on days prior to holidays or breaks that are often more challenging to engage students in traditional lessons.
  • Kids play them on their own time, and on their own free will. 
*Click here for the research that supports my opinion. 


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