Thursday, February 7, 2013

Your High School Students Need This Resource Now

I was overjoyed to run across the True Cost to Own financial calculator today. It should not matter what subject you teach, before your high school students take a deep plunge into automobile debt be sure to expose them to the True Cost to Own financial calculator. 

How many high school students do you know who turn 16 and immediately purchase a car? They typically want more freedom, but ironically they end up with less freedom because they have to work to pay for their car. What many students fail to consider is the true cost of owning the car. They fail to consider the impact of expenses such as depreciation, maintenance, insurance, and gasoline. Thus my excitement when I ran across the True Cost to Own financial calculator.

Click here if you are interested in how I am incorporating the True Cost to Own financial calculator in my "Purchasing a Automobile" lesson. If you happen to look for posted lessons in future units you will not find many. I am transitioning into a 1:1 classroom and am uploading the assignments and resources about a week ahead of time.

Enjoy the new resource.

PS - Buying and Owning a Car from the FTC is a great resource as well.

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