Thursday, January 3, 2013

7 resources to integrate financial literacy into Math

Budget Challenge [currently free] is a teen financial literacy program that simulates the financial life of an adult. Think of Budget Challenge as a road test to personal finance. Students are in the drivers’ seat as they immerse into the financial life of a recent college graduate who has been working for about six months. Each student gets a regular paycheck, a checking account, a 401(k) savings account and bills to pay throughout the simulation. By maximizing 401(k) savings, paying bills on time and responding correctly to quiz questions while avoiding fees like late fees, overdraft fees and finance charges, students increase their individual score.

Money Matters is a project of the Center for Mathematics and Quantitative Education at Dartmouth and the Financial Literacy Center. These modules complete with video hooks are a perfect way to integrate financial literacy skills into math lessons. The financial literacy topics include: Earning; Spending; Saving and Investing; Planning for Retirement Now.

Money as You Learn offers educators tools to integrate personal finance into the teaching of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts, as well as into other classes and after-school programs. Developed by the Working Group of the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability [full disclosure, I was a member], This approach can both provide students with essential personal finance understandings and skills and strengthen teaching of the Common Core through meaningful, real-world contexts and applications. It can also enhance the cross-cutting skills such as problem-solving, research, and analysis called for in the Common Core. [Many thanks to Jump$tart for providing the resources for the project.]

Mathalicious lessons teach standards-based math through real-world topics that students care about. Each Mathalicious lesson contains information on which Common Core State Standards are covered in the lesson. The Common Core Mathematical Practice Standards are integrated throughout all Mathalicious lessons. Lessons address several standards so that you’re able to address more math in less time, and with better results.

Money Math is a full math curriculum aligned to middle school math standards with the application of personal finance concepts. It was developed by the US Treasury, University of Missouri St. Louis, Citi, and Jump$tart.

Financial Education in the Math Classroom, the Math Forum @Drexel's site is designed to showcase valuable problems and tools.

Bankrate has a financial calculator for just about everything, and they can be applied to a number of mathematical concepts.


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