Friday, September 28, 2012

Knowledge @ Wharton & PwC

My experience today with PwC and Penn's Wharton School of Business was a new level of professionalism and excellence. They teamed up to deliver the Seminar for High School Educators on Business and Financial Responsibility. I had the privilege of sitting on the opening panel with Shannon Schuyler (corporate responsibility leader, PwC), Georgette Phillips (vice dean, undergraduate division, Wharton), and Annamaria Lusardi (professor of economics and accountancy and academic director of the Global Center for Financial Literacy, George Washington University School of Business). The panel was moderated by my friend Dan Kadlec, personal finance columnist, TIME.

Following our panel discussion, Diana Drake (KWHS managing editor) provided a website demonstration of KWHS. Their website was robust and full of turn-key financial literacy lessons that could be integrated into a number of disciplines. I spent some time following the demonstration running through various other areas of their site, and additionally found multiple economics and business lessons I plan to incorporate in my lessons.

Click here to visit the Knowledge @ Wharton High School website.

I also spent more time reviewing PwC's financial literacy curriculum. Online financial literacy resources are typically geared solely for high school students. What impressed me the most was that PwC also provided resources for elementary and middle school educators. On a side note, their site is clean and easy to navigate through.

Click here to review PwC's financial literacy curriculum.

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