Saturday, May 26, 2012

Updated: How to Help Your Students Find the Right College Fit

The student debt bubble now exceeds credit card debt, ballooning to over $1 trillion dollars. Personal finance teachers are not responsible for being expert consultants for students, but we can provide them with these basic tools and resource to start them down the path of making a wise and informed college debt choice.

 US Department of Labor - Research future careers, career growth, anticipated income, education, and skills necessary to obtain your dream job.
National Center for Education Statistics - Research, compare and and extract key college information using this comprehensive research tool.
• US News College Rankings - See how your college selections stack up against one another.
• U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid website - The Department of Education's comprehensive student aid website dedicated to providing future students with the resources necessary to make a wise and informed student debt choice, while driving down the cost of college. Stay on top of the recommended FASFA checklist and work with your guidance counselors to apply at the appropriate time.
CFPB Paying For College - A interactive resource that walks the user through the student debt choice, step by step.
CFPB Blog - How much should I borrow?

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