Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Did You Know - American Personal Finances

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A special thank you to the personal contributions in this video:
Jason Alderman (Senior Director, Global Financial Education at VISA Inc)
David Anderson (Executive VP, W!SE-NY)
April Bond (VP, BizWorld)
Palmira Buten (Former VP, 5/3 Bank; Co-Founder, Budget Challenge)
Dan Hebert (Financial Education Consultant)
Dr. Billy Hensley (Director of Education, NEFE)
Catherine Hutton Markwell (CEO, BizWorld)
Nick Jacobs (Program Director, CARE)
Dan Kadlec (Author & Journalist, TIME & Money Magazines)
Greg McBride (VP, Bankrate)
Bill McNabb (CEO, Vanguard)
Holly Pressman (Co-Founder & CEO, FinLitTV)
Louise R. Raymond (VP, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, McGraw-Hill)
Jason Terrell (Director, Griffith Foundation)
Many thanks to Mollie Kuramoto for producing the video.

Note - this video is designed solely to raise awareness of the current state of American personal finances and financial literacy. It is not to be used to generate a profit of any kind.

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